Photo: Reptile belongs to an endangered species.

Very rare Philippine crocodile killed in the zoo because he’s got a stranglehold on the hand cleaners.

In the zoo of the Swiss Zurich was shot a rare Philippine crocodile, which attacked the employee, writes Swissinfo.

The animal attacked the woman, when she morning went to the aviary to clean. The cleaning lady tried to drive off to another place of the crocodile, but he was aggressive and attacked her. The crocodile grabbed the woman’s arm and did not even think to unclench the jaw.

The staff decided to kill him.

As the Director of Zurich zoo, Alex rubel, for his 30-year career this happened for the first time. Why crocodile attacked the man, is unknown.

It is noted that the killed crocodile was length of about 1.5 meters, and weighed about 15 pounds. The zoo has a female of the same species, but the animals with each other didn’t get along.

Will also add that the reptiles are disappearing kind. In the wild Philippine crocodiles there are about 250 individuals.

Earlier it was reported that in the village of Chernihiv area found a dead crocodile. Local officials are wondering where did the reptile. Environmentalists say that the animal died about two weeks ago.

Recall that in Zimbabwe, 11-year-old girl managed to rescue his girlfriend, which was caught by a crocodile and dragged under the water.

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