Famous actress posted on Twitter a new picture of her friend Zemfira.

Singer Zemfira and actress Renata Litvinova been friends for a long time. Fans suspect that they are not only friends, but still Renata and Zemfira hard to ignore these rumors, according to “Russian conversation”.

However, celebrities do not hide the fact that a lot of time together. Recently in Instagram. there’s a new picture, which was captured by her friend. Apparently, the photo was taken at a time when Zemfira didn’t know that it photographed. The singer was Smoking in an empty room.

“Our composer. After the performance,” commented a photo of Litvinov. Apparently, the artist was the composer of the new play “the North wind” at the Moscow Art theatre named after Chekhov, in which she played Renata.

Fans left many admiring comments under the picture . Many followers who attended the performance, thanked Renata and Zemfira for excellent performance. Others left compliments Zemfira. “The best model”, “So real”, “thanks for the photo, Renata” – said the participants of the discussion.

Earlier, Renata Litvinova she tried on the image of Zemfira and photos posted to microblogging.