The actress was shocked users of the social network of bruises and a bruised face.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

Ravshan is one of the most popular local Actresses. Girlfriend often in films and TV shows, gaining new fans. Kurkova knows firsthand the sacrifices that sometimes have to go for creative work. Recently, the actress has startled fans makeup done for the next shooting.

In his official profile on Instagram celebrity published a picture, which depicted herself. On the face Ravshan visible large bruises. “Mom, I’m fine!” – signed picture Kurkova, saying that it is not the traces of beatings and trauma, and just makeup for the role.

However, fans saw the picture and not having to read the signature, already scared, thinking that an actress was something terrible .

“OOO, what’s wrong with you, dear, poor”, “Frightened at first”, “Who dared to raise a hand against a woman?”, “I already feared. You have a good makeup artist”, “is Not only the mother shuddered” “How real”, “don’t scare”, “Naturally”, “who the fuck did it”, “Scared!”, “Ravshan, You even such a grim decorate! But, if anything, write! We in insult will not give! One for all and all for one!”, “Mom is already passed out”, “Give me the name of the offender”, “Looks very realistic,” are the comments left by users of the social network.