Photo: Ukrainian Novin James Mattis

The defense Ministers of the two countries declared that their army is ready for “effective and robust” response.

The defense Ministers of South Korea and the United States Dream Yong Mu and James Mattis said that their subordinates are prepared to retaliate against North Korea in case of military aggression. About this they said after joint talks in Washington, told Interfax-Ukraine, citing South Korean media.

In particular, it States that the country is prepared to use “powerful, efficient, and reliable measures of a military nature”.

The Ministers stressed that military readiness must complement diplomatic efforts, not replace them.

“Here in Washington, we are deeply convinced that South Korea is on the front lines, and we can’t stay complacent. In the interests of strengthening our Union at present, we should deepen our military cooperation existing between our two countries high level of trust,” said Mattis .

We will remind, the day before North Korea conducted another test by launching a missile towards Japan.

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