Real estate prices after the presidential election will continue a slight increase for 2019, according to the company InCo home(the “Company assets management “invest-Consulting”), a member of the industrial-construction group (PSG) “Kovalska” (Kyiv).

“Pricing strength of the market is enough to survive any of the electoral processes, the failure of the market is possible only if negative global changes in the economy, while we do not fix” – quoted in the press release partner, home InCo Roman Belik.

According to him, today proposed a package of economic reforms is not able to improve the market and make it attractive for investors. “A lot of money in the world, but the Ukrainian investment market continues to remain unattractive. This is due primarily with a high and uncontrolled risk, mostly non-business nature”, – explained R. Belik.

The financing of construction projects at the expense of attracted funds of the banks is impossible under the discount rate of the national Bank of 18%, and the main driving force of the market of real estate are personal funds of Ukrainians, said partner home InCo.

“Pent-up demand for housing in Ukraine billions of hryvnia. The relevant state program will not be able to solve the problem of housing affordability. It is real only in conditions of normal operation of the economy, available credit and working models of financing the construction,” he concludes.

LLC “AMC “invest-Consulting” (home InCo) was established in 2003. Included in the industrial-construction group (PSG) “Kovalska”. Engages in investment activities in the sphere of construction and real estate.

During the work the company raised investment in the construction of 25 residential complexes with total living space of more than 540 thousand square meters.

In may 2018 completed a deal to acquire the company Roman Belik, B. Serotica.


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