Photo: NASA

On the surface of the star are formed of a magnetic filament from a hot plasma, remains a mystery.

NASA showed the detailed photos of the Sun, which found a mysterious thread. This was reported on the official website of the University of Central Lancashire.

Together with NASA employees of the University have created a photo of the Sun with the highest ever resolution. This was done using suborbital telescope Hi-C. It can highlight areas on the Sun’s surface area up to 70 sq. km, representing only 0.01% of the size of the star.

In the picture astronomers have discovered a magnetic filament. They are filled hot, up to millions of degrees plasma and electrified gases. The width of these filaments is about 500 kilometers.

Experts can not yet answer how are magnetic filaments and whether they influence the buoys or flash on the surface of the star.

Previously, the most detailed image of the Sun was the photo created by the National science Foundation on the Hawaiian island of Haleakala national Park. It was also reported that the toxic comet approaches the Sun.

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