Serhiy Rebrov


Sports news: Ex-coach of “Dynamo” in the finals of the 2018 world Cup will suffer for domagoj Vida and his teammates.

Former head coach of “Dynamo” Sergei Rebrov in an exclusive interview shared opinion on the transfer of Andriy Yarmolenko in the “West ham”, remembered how he defended the colors of “hammers” and also explained why he wasn’t surprised by reaching the final of the world championship the national team of Croatia.

— How do you assess the transfer of Andriy Yarmolenko in the “West ham”? If he made a move?

— Go to “West ham” — a necessary step for Andrew. I’m sure he’s even in thoughts was not to leave Borussia. It is the decision of the leadership of the German club, which decided to rejuvenate the squad. In my opinion, this decision is premature because the time that Yarmolenko spent in Borussia, not enough to gain a foothold in the team and a hundred percent to become the top player . Despite this, Andrew in the first six months did much for the club. Then, unfortunately, he was injured and also got a new coach.

If Andrew asked me if he should go in, “West ham”, I would, without hesitation, said “Yes”. Not only because I played in this club. Now, “West ham” — a very serious project. They have a great stadium, the fans, before the club put the highest goals. “West ham United” is the team that needs him at the moment.

And, most importantly, Manuel Pellegrini, as far as I know, really wanted to sign Andrei and believe in him.

— The fact that Yarmolenko in the “West ham” wants to see what Pellegrini is a big help for Andrew?

— Of course, it is very good. When he moved to Borussia Dortmund, he wanted to see in the head coach (Peter Bare, Prim – S. C.), and he played. Another question that then came another coach, and Andrew had to adapt to its requirements.

I know Manuel Pellegrini and he is a great coach who knows how small teams to achieve significant results. Pellegrini is a very decent man, a fan of his work. I am sure that Yarmolenko will be comfortable working under his leadership and he will achieve what he really wants.

— Many experts say that the style of the League suits Andrew more than the Bundesliga. What do you think?

— I think the German League for him too. Think the main thing is not the style, and the performance of the player and its willingness to adapt to the team. I am sure that Andrew has all the makings to open up in the Premier League.

Now will cheer for, “West ham”?

My son was sick all my life and it hurts now. He has seazon ticket to home games, “West ham”. I’m going to come and happy to go to the stadium.

— With the image side, the transition to a team that is not competition, it’s not a step back?

— England championship is the top championship in Europe. Many of the matches by intensity in no way inferior, and in many respects superior in quality to the Champions League games. The Premier League clubs, not only the giants can afford to buy top players.

— Yarmolenko consulted with you about the transition in “West ham”?

— (After a pause). Andrei and touch. Talk on different topics.

— What are three places I would advise him to visit in London?

The first thing he needs to visit the stadium where he will play. I think with all the other places he will understand (smiles). In my opinion, London is much more beautiful and more comfortable for living than Dortmund. I’m sure his family will enjoy in London.

— What kind of atmosphere at home games, “West ham”?

Two years ago, the club moved to a modern arena “Olympic stadium”. I played at their old stadium “Boleyn ground”, but the atmosphere there was lovely. The stadium was located in a working area, and fans of the club very much. The popularity of “West ham” — one of the biggest clubs in London.

I am sure that with the project, which is now trying to implement in “West ham”, interest in the club will be more.

— What’s your most vivid impression of the season, held at “Boleyn ground”?

— “West ham” played in the championship. I was struck by the number of matches that were in season. I’m in the team was playing and asked the coach: “When you here at the break so the team to go?”. But every match in England is an incredible atmosphere.

— What advice would you give Yarmolenko to quickly adapt in England?

— If he asks, I told him, of course, give advice. I believe that Andrew, the one player who can adapt to any League. He impresses with his hard work and desire to work on each workout. I told him I can only wish you good luck and, of course, not to stop.

— How you consider, whether, “West ham”, given the arrival of Pellegrini and the new players to get into the top 5 or top 7 in the League?

— And why not? In the Premier League really. Tell me, who knew that Leicester will be the champion? Almost every year in England, the top five will get the team no one expects.

— What are your impressions of the world Cup? A pair of finalists Croatia — France not surprised?

For me personally the favorites before the start was not. Current championship largely tournament of surprises. Take, for absence from Germany from the band or the early departure of Spain. As for Croatia, with the first rounds I said I like their game. Glad they have the opportunity to win the tournament.

The championship has shown that each team is seriously preparing for the enemy and, regardless of that, she controls the ball, playing on the counter, have a chance to win. The championship proved, then are not only the famous teams, but also those that are well organized and choose the right tactics.

— In the world Cup final will support Croatia?

— Probably, Yes. After the Types of them now all over Ukraine will hurt (smiling). But I’m sympathetic to that. A lot of players from the current national team of Croatia played in Ukraine. Pivaric, now plays for “Dinamo”. So all the fans will be in Ukraine for Croatia.