Ravshan Irmatov


SAINT PETERSBURG, June 15. /Spec. Q. TASS Oleg Koshelev/. Referee from Uzbekistan Ravshan Irmatov called for the application of the system of videophones judges (VAR) on the 2018 world Cup in Russia. This opinion he expressed in conversation with journalists.

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System videoporama referees will be used at the confederations Cup, which starts June 17.

“The system is very useful, it will help football to achieve transparency. So no one was hurt in those moments, when the referee that it is not noticed. I think this system should be used at the world Cup in Russia,” said Irmatov.

In his opinion, the use of the system will not make the matches sucked. “The essence of the program is that the accuracy of decision-making is more important than time spent . The decision may need a minute and a half, and a serious error by the referee can discuss years and decades,” said Irmatov.

The decision to use a system of videophones referees at the world Cup in 2018 will be made in March next year.