Submission of the report on the investigation into the crash of MH17 in the Netherlands, 13 October 2015

In their letter they urged the leadership of Russia to constructively cooperate with the investigation .

Three years after the crash over Ukraine liner MH17 “Malaysian airlines” relatives of the victims held a demonstration in front of the Russian Embassy in the Hague. They told the Dutch TV on Sunday, July 16, that the protest is directed against the attempts of Moscow to block the criminal investigation.

Half a dozen demonstrators had placed on the lawn in front of the Embassy of the Russian Federation the bench with a plaque in memory of the 298 passengers and crew members dead ship with the English wording – “the Expected liability and full investigation” and Russian – “Humanity is above politics.” In their letter they urged the Russian leadership to engage in constructive cooperation with the investigation.

Een kleine groep nabestaanden MH17 zal zo een uur lang zwijgend, plaats nemen tegen over de Russische ambassade.

— Jildou van Opzeeland (@Jilnow) 16 июля2017 G.

Previously Australia has urged Moscow to cooperate in the prosecution of those responsible for the shelling of the aircraft.