Relatives of passengers shot down by the Russian BUK missile system in July 2014 near Torez in Donetsk region carry out the airliner “Boeing-777” Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 “Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur”, held a rally outside the Russian Embassy in the Hague (the Netherlands) with the requirement to stop obstructing the investigation.

As stated in the note of the German online edition of Idowa, the relatives held a demonstration outside the Russian Embassy in the Hague 3 years after the crash of the passenger plane MH17.

“They were protesting against Russia’s attempts to block criminal case”, – stated in the message with a link to their review of the Dutch television.

As reports “Radio Liberty”, on Monday, more than 2 thousand relatives of the victims will participate in the opening ceremony of the memorial dedicated to their loved ones .

The king of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander and Queen máxima will be on the opening of the memorial in the Park Vijfhuizen near airport “Schiphol” in Amsterdam. It is from this airport departed on 17 July 2014 the plane “Boeing-777” “Malaysian airlines”, which flew to the destination, Kuala Lumpur.

The initiators of the opening of the memorable places call it a “living memorial” – were planted 298 trees, the number of those killed in the crash. Trees will be surrounded by sunflowers, which bloom in July.