The evening of 14 October, journalists noticed Paul Mushroom in the center of Kiev among the protesters, “No surrender!”, which required not only find a new way of solving the conflict in the Donbass, but also shouted the slogans of resignation of the President, reports Russian Dialogue.

It is worth noting that the Fungus after two years of prison in Russia, was able to return home thanks to the negotiations between Vladimir Zelensky with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

However, immediately on arrival of the aircraft at the airport in Kiev, the young man caught in the scandal, he ignored the head of state, who met him at the gangway. Later, the Mushroom said I don’t shake hands with the President, as they did not recognize him. Supposedly at this point his gaze was unfocused and he’s not seen.

Later his father said, who met the released Ukrainians at the airport.

Earlier it was reported that the court found the Fungus involved in promoting terrorism. However, the defence denied this fact and even stated about the kidnapping of Ukrainian.