Russia over the last 18 months has deployed additional troops and weapons to the territory of the Crimean Peninsula, said on Wednesday the us online journal Defense One.

In the order of publication got satellite imagery company Planet Labs, made in the period from January 2018 to April 2019. The photographs, according to the publication, in particular, captured batteries of s-400, allegedly, more of them than was thought until now. Also the photo shows fighters placed in four different locations.

Currently in the Crimea are 30 thousand Russian military, Moscow plans to send another 13 thousand soldiers over the next four years, told the publication source in US intelligence.

The source also told the publication that in the Crimea now based 81 Russian military helicopter and a plane.

The Russian black sea fleet recently got 10 ships, capable of launching cruise missiles long range “Caliber,” said another source. “Gauges”, according to one of the interlocutors of the magazine, will allow the black sea fleet “to strike at targets beyond the Black sea, including the countries of southern Europe and Syria, without even leaving Sevastopol”.

The sources stated that the build-up of forces in Crimea gives Moscow greater control over the Black sea, in addition, you now have an additional Russian military planes and ships located closer to the Middle East.

The expert from working at Middlerincome College James Martin center for studying of problems of nonproliferation of weapons Sarah Bidgood called a buildup of forces by Russia is significant and stated that he NATO allies in the region will have on the Alliance considerable pressure.

Another specialist from this center Jeffrey Lewis said that the Crimea “selinitsa missiles like a hedgehog”.