In the media there is news about a new lover, a Hollywood actress.

Many thought that the marriage of Jolie and pitt is perfect in every sense. But after twelve years of marriage the couple divorced, and the scandal. Until now, the former spouses are unable to solve many questions, including with regards to the sale of joint property, according to “Russian conversation”.

Recently, the press published news about the resumption of relations of pitt with his ex-wife, Jennifer aniston. Journalists reported that the ex-spouses continue to communicate and may again share not only friendships. However, official comments from celebrities on this issue has not yet been received.

Recently, Jolie has also been seen in the company of another man. Not yet managed to find out who was accompanied by Hollywood actress during a walk in Cambodia . Witnesses say that Angelina didn’t break up with a stranger, and on the walk was also attended by her children. In addition, the couple was in a very good mood, and the actress with the satellite constantly smiled at each other.

By the way, Jolie is also in no hurry to disclose the details of the new novel. Some fans believe that the celebrity actually not yet started a new relationship and hanging out with his friend.