The dictator says that members of election commissions are “free”.

At polling station No. 506 in Minsk, Lukashenko spoke about the scandal in Brest, when the observer Yuri Womenuk took video of the attempt of ballot stuffing, “Salidarnasts”writes

— Here sit the members of the Commission, what are they to blame? They work, they are asked for, they even do not get the money… And you begin to look down, — the ruler said.

Is it true that members of election commissions work for free?

CEC head Lidia Yermoshina called the cost of “elections” in which was included the salary of members of election commissions.

According to her, a member of the electoral Commission for work on the day of the “election” will receive, that is after deduction of taxes, 76 rubles. The net salary of the chairmen of election commissions 30 days amounted to 880 rubles. About 1770 rubles of net provided for the remuneration of Chairman of district election Commission in 60 days.