American politician Hillary Clinton, who lost the presidential election, billionaire Donald Trump may be allegedly tied to the Russian government.

Such an accusation voiced by the Republican politician from new Jersey Anna little. She cites television channel RT, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to her, before Clinton had a task to make a split in the United States during the presidential race of 2016. The plaintiff of such a mission reportedly came from the Kremlin.

Little said that Russia is against this background may be a tremendous way to expand the circle of its influence, and the Clinton Foundation receives many contributions in return.

At least half of US citizens believed that the hour had come for the organization of special investigations against the Clinton couple. They are suspected of secret relations with official Moscow. These figures revealed a poll conducted in April .

Previously, “Russian Dialogue,” says the head of the American power Donald trump was somewhat upset by the fact of ignoring journalists such topics as the potential link to his former opponent Clinton with the authorities of the Russian Federation before and during the elections.