The Odessa region rescuers liquidate the consequences of heavy rains that took place in the region on Saturday, reported the state service of Ukraine for emergency situations.

“Because of the movement of an active cyclone on August 3 in Odessa region there were heavy rains that led to the temporary disruption of transport, flooding individual sections of the area and the flooding of households and basements of homes,” – said in a statement on the Ministry website on Saturday evening.

In particular, at 14:17 in the village of Pavlovka of the Artsizsky area have been flooded with rain water in four private households. In addition, outside S. płock 15:37 due to violations of the journey on the highway stuck the ambulance car, passenger bus and two cars. Rescuers quickly arrived at the scene of the call and the use of firefighting and rescue equipment all-terrain seized vehicles with complex road section for further movement.

In the Primorsky district of Odessa at 14:45 rescuers were involved in pumping of rainwater from the basement of a residential building on the square in Greek. However, it was pumped out 60 cubic meters of rainwater from the premises on a street Car.

In head Department gschs of Ukraine in Odessa region said that on-duty lifeguards is 287 and 81 units of firefighting and rescue and special equipment, including engineering equipment, boats, pumping stations and means of Autonomous power supply. In reserve in case of complication of an operational situation is 227 rescue workers and 46 pieces of equipment. The operational group is monitoring the situation in the region.

“Fire-rescue units of the Odessa garrison of the operational-rescue service of civil protection are in constant readiness to respond to threat events,” – said the rescuers.