The scientific staff of NASA argue that Northern California is rapidly disappearing under the ground. The information was taken from the valley of the San Joaquin, which rapidly continues to fall below sea level. About it writes the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Such natural processes
in California happen often, but researchers are concerned that the current rate of decrease
height of the soil threaten the health of millions of people and infrastructure.

In addition, pumping
groundwater contributes to the development of an ecological disaster that destroys the
vodosnabzhencheskogo channels in southern California.

Previously, scientists called the new time of the oxygen catastrophe on Earth.

To such conclusions experts came after
analyzed igneous rocks from South Africa . In samples subjected to
the study, experts have found compelling evidence that in ancient
the atmosphere at some point there was a sharp increase in oxygen content. At
to the scientists, this increase corresponds to the onset of the “oxygen