According to the researchers, the kidneys are responsible for 80% of all lesions of the internal organs from COVID-19

French scientists have found that a new infection has a detrimental effect not only on lightweight but also on the kidneys of a person.

According to the French researchers, in 80% of cases of infection with coronavirus infection COVID-19, damaged kidneys. On Sunday, June 28, reports RFI.

According to scientists, their damage indicates increased loss of protein, phosphate and glucose in the urine of patients.

“The virus infects the cells of the renal tubular system”, – says the experts.

The study authors warn that this effect carries serious consequences for the organism. So, in patients COVID-19 can decrease bone density due to loss of phosphate can be pain in the bones. Another negative result could be increased acidity of the blood.

“Also, patients with kidney damage due to coronavirus infection, you may experience frequent urination, dehydration, increased thirst and physical weakness due to the loss of cellular energy,” say the researchers.

Earlier, American scientists have reported a wide range of health problems after suffering a coronavirus, which can affect patients for many years.

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