Resolution member of the Italian delegation of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Michele Nicoletti does not guarantee the return of the Russian delegation to PACE, Kiev will not compromise in this matter, representatives of the Ukrainian side.

“The desire to bring the Russians have to PACE, but guarantees the return of no. The red line is January 2018. All that will happen before this is a game, not the outcome of the game. Probability while is the probability of no return. It all depends on heaps of factors,” commented the resolution, the permanent representative of Ukraine to the Council of Europe Dmitry Kuleba on his Facebook page.

According to him, Ukraine is not going to compromise on the question of the return of Russians to the PACE, “although we bow” .

Dmitry Kuleba said: “for the First time say, two weeks, I receive questions from messengers – what’s your price for Russia’s return to PACE? I answer: the implementation of PACE resolutions. This is what Ukrainian deputies pushed in the report Nicoletti. This correction is adopted, contrary to the opponents.”

Ukraine’s permanent representative to the CE also called on to unite in the fight for the Crimea.

In turn, head of the delegation of the Ukrainian Parliament to PACE Vladimir Aryev (fraction “Block of Petro Poroshenko”) noted that “neprijatelja resolution” theoretically “can open the way to changes in regulation (PACE), to return to Russia, and can not open”.

“We, Georgians and North of the country was against it. Was it only because the documents are General things in the Assembly are much easier than with concrete. And if in the future the delegates will propose to adopt the mechanism, which will be the real road map for peremptory return RF, then this PACE will be perceived very, very differently,” – wrote Vladimir Aryev on the Facebook page.

According to him, the only mechanism for the return of the Russian Federation are changes in the rules, but it has not yet passed.

Another delegate from Ukraine Alexey Goncharenko (fraction “Block of Petro Poroshenko”) also noted that “the report Nicoletti” only opens the door for possible changes in procedures that may be used to return the Russian delegation in PACE “with full powers”, and all the authors deny any such plans.

“The Ukrainian delegation has achieved inclusion in the text of the amendment is very important (I had the honour to represent in the hall) that the involvement of all parties is possible only on the basis of compliance, and the implementation of resolutions some resolutions on Crimea, Donbass, Ukrainian political prisoners, etc,” explained the essence of what happened A. Goncharenko on the Facebook page.

As reported, PACE by a majority vote approved the decision, which aims at the removal of political sanctions with the delegation of the Russian Federation.

In the text of the decision remained the norm that the PACE and the Committee of Ministers (the Executive body of the Council of Europe) must “harmonize the rules for the participation and representation of member countries in both statutory bodies”.

This decision should prohibit the PACE to prolong the effect of restrictions imposed on Russia without the consent of the member countries. In fact, it calls into question the approval in the PACE of any sanctions against Russia. Given that the sanctions must be renewed annually, the restrictions can be lifted in January.

This provision was supported by the vast majority of PACE deputies, proposed by Ukraine of the amendments failed, and the votes were divided in the ratio of 60 to 30.