The resistance started.

The word “perestroika” went down in history together with the name of Victor Gorbachev. The second most popular in the mid-80s, the word “glasnost”, and they well complement each other: the purpose and meaning changes were announced, was widely discussed. It was clear that embarked on democratization.

Putin, posesivos on the basic law of the country, started rebuilding a hybrid, hiding from society and the purpose and meaning of the proposed changes.

It is now common place was the view that Putin’s amendments to the Constitution has paralyzed the society. Liberals are confused and fragmented, and therefore nothing intelligible can not offer. This is incorrect.

Present its point of view.

1. The best constitutional scholars in the country analysis of the proposals Putin and the conclusion is clear: the amendments are contrary to the Foundation of the Constitution – both its spirit and letter. They come into conflict with her untouchable 1st and 2nd chapters. In addition, the law prohibited the introduction of diverse amendments in one package. There are other violations, noted by professional lawyers.

2. Power wipes his feet on the Constitution. So the obvious task of civil society to resist the adoption of these amendments in the form in which they are offered.

3. Very unmotivated to amend the Constitution creates tension in society. The movement reached different forces – and those who are attuned to the development of democracy in the country, and those who speak for the fascisation of the country.

4. It is easy to notice that the beneficiaries of Putin’s perestroika are the security forces. In the recent reshuffle, none of the heads of power structures – MVD, FSB and the UK – have not lost their positions.

5. The analysis shows that, if the amendments to the Constitution will be held, will be limited to the right of the constitutional court, recourse to the ECHR, the authority of local governments, etc. – and thus the rights and freedoms of citizens. Not to mention the monstrous new initiatives that come from the Working group and from members of the Federal Assembly and may be adopted.

6. During Gorbachev’s perestroika reactionaries at some point, the voice of Nina Andreeva said that “can not compromise on principles.” Now all those concerned with the rights and freedoms of citizens, it is time to declare a similar message, to stop the slide of the country toward fascism.

7. The resistance started. At the initiative of the Moscow municipal deputies appeared a Manifesto of Russian citizens “Against the constitutional coup and usurpation of power” under which “Novaya Gazeta” has collected about 22 million signatures. Party “the Apple” is preparing its own amendments to the Constitution that do not violate its integrity.

8. You need to take the next step to unite to preserve the core values of the Constitution articulated in the 1st and 2nd chapters: the alternation of power, separation of powers, the preservation of fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens, a secular state. It is on them, every day is offensive.


Some of my friends say the alleged positive aspects of the proposals Putin in particular – decentralization of power. No there is no decentralization. We can do it only on legitimate elections. The next Federal elections to the state Duma to be held in the fall of 2021. But there is more and more talk that they will take this year, this means an extra challenge. We need to demand changes in the electoral legislation and electoral practices. Relevant proposals have already been formulated by leading experts.

If Duma elections will be held under the same scenario that the last municipal elections in Moscow, supporters of democracy have to be ready to peacefully go out and seek their abolition.

At the end of February will be held a traditional action in memory of Boris Nemtsov. We assume that the competition supporters of democracy and protection of human rights in Moscow.

Leo Ponomarev, “Echo Of Moscow”