A scene from the movie “Fantastic beasts and where they live

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MOSCOW, November 18. /Offset. TASS Maria Tokmacheva/. The long-awaited film about the universe of Harry Potter has finally been released and has already received appreciative reviews from critics around the world. In addition, the upcoming weekend, viewers will appreciate the new Director’s work of Mel Gibson, Paul Lungin and the Dardenne brothers.

“Fantastic beasts and where they live”, directed by David Yates

The Creator of Harry Potter appears here not as a writer, and screenwriter, and excellent. Together with Director David Yates, who worked on the recent film adaptations of the “Harry Potter”, they create on the silver screen is amazing, like nothing on the world with a variety of animals, touching magician, writer and researcher newt the Salamander performed by Eddie Redmayne and new York on the eve of the great depression.

Fantastic beasts and where they live. Infographics by TASS

“The Queen of spades”, directed by Pavel Lungin

The trailer contains scenes of cruelty and profanity

The Director of “Taxi Blues”, “Oligarch” and “the Island” decided to experiment with genres and withdrew almost keneperu based on the famous works of Pushkin and Tchaikovsky. The material was written in the context of contemporary realities could be spirited, extravagant drama that can interest a younger audience. However, Lungin’s not quite happened. Stringy the first half of the film saves only dynamic finale, in which many critics found similarities with “the Black Swan” by Darren Aronofsky.

“For reasons of conscience”, Director Mel Gibson

Previous film actor Mel Gibson was employed as Director (Apocalypse), was released in 2006. And now ten years later, Gibson returned to directing career. His new film is based on the true story of Desmond Doss, a veteran of the Second world war, which for ideological reasons refused to carry and use weapons, but was in the ranks and saved his colleagues. Doss became the first conscientious objector to conscientious objection, which was awarded the highest military award — the medal of Honor. The role of Doss in the movie, Gibson played by Andrew Garfield.

“The unknown”, directed by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne

The new work of the famous Belgian filmmakers the Dardenne brothers was presented in competition at the Cannes festival, but awards have not received. And reviews from critics, traditionally appreciated the films Dardenne was quite restrained. Belgian filmmakers demonstrate his trademark laconic style, and the audience once again fascinated watching the heroine, which she is tormented by guilt. This time the plot revolves around several detective story with a detected body of the unknown girl. As it turns out, she was trying to get to the hospital my last night, but the doctor Jenny let her in, because the reception was over. Jenny is taken for the investigation of this case.

“Running from reality”, directed by Joshua Marston

Basically serial American Director Joshua Marston, who worked, in particular, on “the Good wife” and “news Service”, he directed his second feature film, which participated in the festival “Sundance”. The main heroine of the tape — the mysterious Alice (Rachel Weisz), or a biologist who spent the last years in Tasmania, or the magician’s assistant in China, whether once a budding pianist. Past Alice. Returning to America, Alice, it would seem that accidentally falls on the birthday Tom (Michael Shannon), who can not make the decision to move from new York to California. It turns out that Tom and Alice had already met a long time ago, in a previous life of this mystery woman.

“Touch the wind”, directed by Elena Demidova, Olga Veremeyeva

Experimental painting, made at the junction of documentary and fiction movie by an experienced Director Elena Demidova and debutante Olga Veremeeva. This is a story about a Moscow actress to Yulia that during the filming of the movie in Buryatia goes in search of his former lover, but instead finds new meaning to life in the amazing nature, the mysterious traditions of Buryat Buddhists and local healing springs. The main role is played by the actress Julia Aug, who received for this work the diploma of the jury of the festival “Window to Europe” in Vyborg.

“Evolution”, directed by Lucille Hadzihalilovic

The tape depicted a bleak future, which is ruled by the matriarchy. The main character is a boy Nicholas. One day, he discovers the body of a child apparently dead under strange circumstances. But no one is trying to understand this thing, so Nicolas is left to seek answers to nagging questions. The Director of the film had earlier written the script of the film “enter the void” Gaspar noé, which is easy to detect in visual range and installation of “Evolution.”

The “virus” Directors Henry Joost, Eriel Shulman

Another fantasy on the theme of a global epidemic that turns people into monsters. At the expense of the film — makers of recent youth Thriller “Nerve” with Emma Roberts and Dave Franco tape looks pretty dynamic, and at times even reminiscent of the famous “Faculty” by Robert Rodriguez.

“My big fat Greek wedding — 2”, directed by kirk Jones

A continuation of the old story of a Greek family Portokalos, who already has grown up daughter, who dreams to escape away from the noisy relatives. In the sequel played by the same actors as in the original 2002 film. Stamps and a tight plot did not prevent the new product to pay back in American theaters.

“Fear of the dark”, directed by Christopher Fitchett

Australian Thriller about a psychologist Sara faithfull, which tries to uncover the mysterious disappearance of a student. His body was never found, but the scene of the alleged crime covered with blood. The main suspect is a girl student Skye Williams, who can not tell the investigators a single word. The task of the psychologist is to understand what is hidden in the depths of consciousness the silent witness of the crime or the criminal.

“Superheroes”, film Directors Lee Kyung-Ho, Lee Won-Jae

Korean cartoon about a humble and clumsy employee of the amusement Park Sam, who finally decided to propose to his girlfriend, but was left without a wedding ring because of the machinations of the villain, Oscar. Indecisive Sam assembles a team of his colleagues at the amusement Park and decides to fight the villain to win the hand and heart of his beautiful ladies.