In Ukraine from the United States returns a picture of Mikhail Panin “the Secret departure of Ivan the terrible before the oprichnina”, which during the Second world war was lost from the Dnepropetrovsk art Museum, and subsequently was in the United States, according to the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States.

“This is the first successful case of cooperation at the official level, Ukraine and the United States in the recovery of cultural heritage illegally exported abroad,” – said in a message on the official page of the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA on the social network Facebook on Monday.

The return of the painting became possible with the assistance of the Embassy of Ukraine to the United States with the foreign intelligence Service of Ukraine in cooperation with the FBI, the U.S. State Department and Prosecutor’s office of the district of Columbia.

“The return of the picture in Ukraine is the result of many years of collaboration and eloquent gesture not only of strategic partnership between Ukraine and the United States, but the friendship between our peoples”, – said the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valeriy Chaly.