Russian-backed Syrian government troops enter besieged by “Islamic state” Palmyra “very soon”, as reported on Wednesday the Syrian military source as soon as government forces seek to regain control of the city.

On Wednesday, the army announced the capture of
the area, known as “Palmyra triangle”, a few
kilometers West of the city.

With the support of Russian
air strikes, the Syrian army advanced to the outskirts of Palmyra literally
the last few days.

“Joining the army in
the city will start very soon,” said a military source.

As you know, the Syrian
the government has lost control over Palmyra and in December recaptured LIH (banned
in Russia – ed.). The terrorists razed to the ground, ancient monuments, former
world heritage sites of UNESCO. The United Nations condemned them
action as a war crime .

Previously it was reported that Syrian army recaptured from ISIL authorswatch near Palmyra, and the terrorists in a panic leaving the city.

Reuters reports – translation
edition of “Russian conversation”