On Wednesday, the President of the United States Donald trump fired his chief strategist Steve Bannon of the national security Council (NSC), changing the decision in the beginning of this year the decision to give political Advisor to an unprecedented role in discussions on security issues.

Reconstruction of the trump NSK,
confirmed by the official representative of the White house, also affected the General
Joseph Dunford, the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and the head
national intelligence Dan Cote, who directs all 17 intelligence agencies
USA. The official said that due to these changes, the NSC “must return to its
the main working functions”.

Vice-President Mike Pence
said Bannon will continue to play an important role in politics and did not
to make the permutation values that are too large .

“It’s only natural
evolution to ensure that the national security Council was
organized in such a way that best serves the President in the settlement
and making difficult decisions,” said Pence in an interview.

‘bannon, who was the head of
presidential campaign, trump in the months preceding its presidential election
in November, in some respects, is a nationalist note trump’s “America
first”, antifashistskiy fueling his ardor and insisting that
the President sometimes parted with the main members of the Republican party.

In addition, trump has appointed a new U.S. Ambassador to Russia.

Reuters reports – translation
edition of “Russian conversation”