Photo: Karel Prinsloo / AP

The name of the General who organized the coup.

Behind the coup attempt in the Ethiopian state of Amhara is army General and head of the security service of the region of Asamnew Tsige, Reuters reported, citing state media (translation – RBC).

According to the Agency, the result of the incident, was killed the head of state of Ambachew Mekonnen and his Advisor Ases Vazi. Unknown attacked the officials in their offices, the attackers have not been disclosed.

Earlier it was reported that during the attempted coup, was shot and wounded chief of staff of Ethiopian Ceara Mekonnen and several officials. The Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed said that he was attacked by people close to him. Later, Reuters, citing state TV reported that the chief of staff was assassinated by his bodyguard.

In the capital of the region Bahir Dar after a coup attempt, riots broke out, eyewitnesses also said about shooting in the city. American diplomats reported shooting in the capital, Addis Ababa.

According to the head of the intelligence staff, Brigadier-General Teferi Mamo, most of the people involved in the coup attempt, was arrested.