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NEW YORK, July 10. /TASS/. US officials say that during the day they will reunite dozens of children under five with their parents who were detained after illegally crossing the American border. This was reported on Tuesday by Reuters.

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June 26, a Federal court in San Diego (California), where hear cases concerning the lives of thousands of detained immigrants and their children, ruled that the US government should within 30 days to ensure the family reunification of illegal immigrants in detention. If it was about children under the age of five, it was given 14 days. Thus, the deadline for the reunification of the youngest of the total number of children of illegal immigrants with their families on Tuesday .

According to Reuters, the government sent the court a document stating what they found in special detention centres for a total of 75 children under five years of age who, according to the resolution, to be reunited with their parents. Of these, 38 children return to their families, most likely on Tuesday.

Others will be reunited just after the government will be able to confirm that their parents are able to properly care for children, the document says. While some illegal immigrants who were released after arrest, before trial, is still unable to establish a connection. In submitted to the court papers authorities say that thus they, in their opinion, fulfilled the requirement of justice for the reunification of children under five years within a specified time.

In recent weeks, the U.S. broke the scandal concerning announced in April by the Ministry of justice policy of “zero tolerance” for violators of immigration laws, including to those who are crossing the border with children. Detained parents were obligatory taken into custody and prosecuted. Their children were sent to special detention centers, because under us law they cannot be arrested. As a result, in the period from April 19 until recently was separated from my parents more than 2 thousand children, which caused a wave of criticism by political opponents of U.S. President Donald trump.