TASS, 4 August. USA proposed to hold Saturday voting in the UN Security Council on the issue of tightening sanctions against the DPRK in connection with the this country two new missile tests. This was reported on Friday by Reuters, citing diplomatic sources.

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The American side intends on Friday to send draft resolution of the UN security Council, all 15 member countries.

Prepared by the United States draft resolution aimed at reducing foreign exchange earnings of Korea by one – third from $3 billion a year to $2 billion a year, said the Agency citing a diplomatic source in the security Council.

The project envisages a ban on the export from the DPRK of coal, iron, and iron ore, lead and lead ores, seafood. The document contains a ban on the creation of new joint ventures (JV) with North Korea, and additional investment in existing JV . The document also prohibits countries, which are already working citizens of the DPRK, to increase the number of such employees.

According to estimates from the American side, the full implementation of these restrictions would reduce the annual foreign exchange earnings in Pyongyang for $1 billion.

The source believes that Russia and China will support the us draft resolution.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula remains extremely tense on the background of active development of missile programs of North Korea. In July, North Korea conducted two launches of ballistic missiles “And 14”, announcing the successful test of an Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). The US government also said that, according to them, North Korea tested ICBM, however, according to the defense Ministry, the characteristics of the test corresponded to a ballistic missile of average range.