Photo: Scientists studying the sample, “was quietly jumping with excitement”

The researchers conducted a detailed analysis using x-ray fluorescence spectrometry, and found, from which were taken most of the stones of the famous Stonehenge.

British geologists found the geographical origin of the stones that were used by the ancient builders of Stonehenge. On this mystery beat for several centuries. It turned out that the material was taken from quarries 25 miles North from the famous monument, writes Scientific American.

Scientists have found that the majority of small “blue stones” – large blocks of Sandstone Sarsenov Stonehenge mined in the quarry West woods in the English County of Wiltshire.

In the study, experts have relied on x-ray fluorescence spectrometry, which allows to determine the chemical composition of the material along the length of light waves that reflects at the sample is bombarded with x-rays.

It turned out that almost all Arseny Stonehenge have very similar chemical composition. This proves that the stones were mined in one place. However, such data were insufficient to accurately determine where the quarry.

The case will move forward two years ago. In Britain private collection, was returned one of the Sarsenov, taken during the restoration 60 years ago. Scientists fragment used for detailed analysis.

“We quietly jumped up and down with excitement,” – said the study’s lead author, David Nash.

Using two types of mass spectrometry, the team identified the contents of 22 trace elements in the sample and compared with samples of rocks from 20 different places in the southern part of England. “Chemical signature” exactly one of the fields of the West woods.

Thus it was possible to determine the origin 50 Sarsenov. However, the two do not correspond to any of the studied sites, and do not resemble each other.

David Nash considers that the stones from West woods, apparently, were delivered during the second phase of construction of the monument is about 2500 years BC.

“It’s amazing how people of the Neolithic were able to transport over long distances massive chunks having an average weight of about 20 tons,” – said the scientist.

As previously reported, near Stonehenge discovered ancient mines.

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