In scientific research Institute of emergency care. Sklifosovsky commented on the news about the statement of the actress Inna Churikova, reports “Russian conversation” with reference to LigaNews.

Doctors said Churikova is still in the hospital and about any statement and speech can not go, because her condition still is serious.

“The state is heavy, temperature is normal,” – noted in the clinic.

Doctors who observe as Churikova, also added that she was transferred to the Department of acute endotoxicosis.

Earlier media reported that Inna Churikova is now home and her condition is stable. Actress itself feels great too.

The actress’s representative mark Varshaver also confirmed the statement negative. According to him, the status of the actress has stabilized and she feels great. He also noted that the previously diagnosed fractures were wrong. The actress found only bruises.

Recall that according to witnesses the incident, Churikova abruptly became ill on stage during a performance, she felt dizzy – she lost her balance and fell.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, the media found out what happened with Inna Churikova in fact. It is also known that the husband of Inna Churikova, Gleb Panfilov, reported new details about the state of her health.