Pyotr Kuznetsov

Minions Lukashenka should think.

The founder of the website “Strong news” Pyotr Kuznetsov quoted Lukashenko, who noted that Poland a is often taken as the example of Belarus, and not only the opposition, writes “Solidarity”.

But if you do so in developing countries, which then laid eyes on the specialists with this “dictatorship”? You are developing — please feed your doctors and let them treat your people. No, I want Belarus, Lukashenka said.

— Yes because “laid eyes” that are developing, of money sufficient level to allow yourself a surplus, not enough people — so much money was — wrote Kuznetsov. And ready to feed it is not only his but also other people — if only they worked. This is in direct contrast to another country, even, my feed is not able, not that of others still call, and we all know this country. Quite normal practice everywhere: in business, in the show, in sports — you need to poach staff from where they are not able to offer anything. If you have something to offer.

That’s really one really one to poach and will not feed, so this is it, Lukashenko, riot police and Chiharu. Where all the money could go to the doctors and go. No they but he need neither developed nor underdeveloped. And he himself to redistribute the money will not be — he doctors enough I suppose. And we will feed them, instead of doctors.