The first event of the international festival-school “Territory” became “a night at the library”. Although at the night event and no one expected the first spectators started earlier in the day. Is the library well-known canadian genius Robert Lepage is located in the Multimedia Art Museum on Ostozhenka Olga Sviblova.


On the fourth floor in the entrance hall give VR-helmets and kindly explain how to use — first you set the camera on the eyes, and then put on the headphones, and on what to click. We pass in the dark, covered in a black room where nothing but the usual tables and lamps on them, even books no. But it is necessary to wear a helmet with a weighty apparatus, compressing the nose before my eyes in the viewfinder there is a picture of birch trees in the background of the characters. Enough for one of them to bring virtual white cross, to slow down for a second, and… From this moment you fly away on a journey in time and space .

The project “Night in the library” is a gift to Robert Lepage national library of his native Quebec, celebrated its first anniversary. In honor of the decade of books he wrote reality without multi-volume collections of essays, catalogs, readers… but they are. How is their absence/presence? Thanks to new technologies that take viewers in a virtual book treasures of Alexandria, Mexico city, Sarajevo, Washington, Copenhagen and even submarine “Nautilus” is the figment of the imagination of writer Jules Verne.

The journey is visually very striking: thanks to a VR-helmet with its 3D capabilities I’m not sitting at a Desk with a lamp, I have no floor under my feet, around also no soul, and my body seemed to be hovering in the air, and I consider the panorama of the library of captain Nemo. Cartoon captain pedant walking around the shelves before the cartoon, and the voice of Yevgeny Mironov (he is in charge of the Russian version of the project) tells how the library of Mr. Nemo: collected strictly alphabetically and there is no new revenue — the deep library long ago cut off from the outside world.

And this is the only repository of books, of which there is no light, but only in the book of the great French science fiction writer. But all the rest are ancient and modern repository of the world of thought, the silent witnesses of the events with the essay, read before the holes or sent into exile as an evil to his own time. Text Alberto Best, laconic and philosophical at the same time, warmed by the personal attitude and feeling that takes him out of the section of the guides. But the magnificent work of artist Steve Blanchet, transmission details, historical antique furniture libraries, with dashes elegantly brings humor and a touch in history. So, in the luxury of the parliamentary library of Ottawa, famous for the rich funds of legal literature, exhibited unique in every sense of the publishing catalog of rare birds, depicted in their natural size, and he’s the only one off topic in some incredible way wormed his way into the meeting of strict law books. An employee of the library on your eyes leafing through an impressive Tome, and its pages fly rare birds and brazenly roam the library, a woodpecker pecking the historic interior of the rare wood.

However, after a fascinating book of travel, when the helmet is removed, a little dizzy, but damn I want to go to Alexandria, or Sarajevo, or Mexico city and without the VR helmet and personally go through these unique libraries. A bit of chop in the head, apparently, was the only reason to limit the age of visitors — 12+.