Photo: BBC the Robot opened the safe live

This has proved possible because the robot was able to reduce the number of possible combinations from one million to 1000.

Using a low-cost robot team of hackers in the eyes of the audience during a live broadcast from Las Vegas broke into the safe of the largest manufacturer.

Team SparkFun Electronics opened the safe the SentrySafe company in 30 minutes.

This has proved possible because the Robot was able to reduce the number of possible combinations from one million to 1,000, quickly sorting through the rest.

When the robot found that the combination was 51.36.93 numbers, safe opened, triggering enthusiastic applause from a couple hundred other hackers.

“I have rarely been so scared. Many things could go wrong, and the audience was very big,” said bi-Bi-si Nathan, Siedl from SparkFun. – We are pleased that he has opened.”

To receive the comment of representatives SentrySafe failed .

However, in conversation with Wired magazine in early July, when hackers showed their method on the smaller safe, SentrySafe representative said that “the product performs the function for which it was designed for the average person to reproduce this method is extremely difficult, if not impossible.

This experiment was conducted at Def Con, the world’s largest hacker conference held in Las Vegas.

SparkFun have decided not to carry the heavy box with me and just bought a new one which nobody opened.

The team joked that could open the safe and faster, but they needed something to fill the 45 minutes allotted for the presentation.

Robot Assembly cost them $ 200. It uses printed on 3D-printer components that can be easily adjusted to the safes of different brands.

However, this robot can hack a digital lock – even though the vulnerabilities in these systems identify other hackers.