Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin told that in Russia, ironic attitude to the sanctions of the West against the country.

According to him, bans only make citizens of Russia to demonstrate the best qualities of the national character, transmits “Russian conversation”.

Deputy Prime Minister in the subject recalled an anecdote that describes ways to get representatives of different Nations to jump off the bridge.

“The French say: “You know that French women do not love the French?” He says, “Nightmare!” And jumping from the bridge. The American said: “You know that America is no longer a superpower?” He said, “Oh no” and jumps from the bridge. A Russian saying: “You know that this bridge can not jump?” Naturally, he jumped,” – said Rogozin .

The politician drew attention to the success realized in Russia import substitution program, which allowed Russian experts to develop and restore the aircraft industry and the manufacture of ship engines.

According to Rogozin, the sanctions are a clown.

“We even once wonder has become. And the fact that we are forbidden to go… for example, I was forbidden to go to Australia, so I’m not going”, — he added.

We will remind, Vice-the Prime Minister explained why Russia does not need to respond to new Western sanctions.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, Rogozin told about the terrible crime, the United States, which sowed the seed of enmity between Russia and Ukraine.