Rose Sabitova admitted that she and co-host Larisa Guzeeva connect only a working relationship.

On the set of “let’s get married” Larisa Guzeeva and rose Sabitova behave like good friends. However, in real life the TV stars prefer to keep their distance, according to “Russian conversation”.

In a recent interview Sabitova said that in the beginning of cooperation with Larisa they have agreed that they will connect only a professional relationship. “Larisa Guzeeva me special treatment. When we started filming, we decided that not going to be friends”, – said the presenter.

She also admitted that for many years, she learned a lot from my colleagues, although Guzeeva never imposed her advice.

We will remind, Roza Sabitova has published in the microblog with their adult children.

Also earlier it was reported that the daughter of TV presenter unsuccessfully married . Now the girl is going as soon as possible to divorce her husband.