In the framework of joint exercises with Seoul, U.S. North Korea launched four ballistic missiles into the sea of Japan, and three of them landed in Japanese territorial waters.

The information
the Agency Yonhap reported that North Korea released the “unidentified
shell” off the East coast of the country. Later, after analyzing the data, the South Korean
the military said four shells.

The military is trying to determine
type tested missiles, but the South Korean Agency quoted nenazvany official
who said that it can be “Intercontinental ballistic missile”,
capable of hitting the continental United States”.

“According to our estimates, North
launched four ballistic missiles. We (USA) are conducting an analysis of missiles with the
to determine their type and other features . It will take some time
before we can make final conclusion (based on data from American
satellite),” – reads the statement of the office of the joint Committee
the chiefs of staff of South Korea.

Meanwhile, anonymous
us military official stressed that no evidence that
North Korea tested an Intercontinental ballistic missile, no.

As is known, missiles were launched early Monday morning at 7:36 a.m. local time from the base
Tongan-no. As the local media, referring to the military of the DPRK, unknown
objects flew across the country, about 1000 kilometers, then plunged into the East China sea.

According to RT, the English – translated version of “Russian