The Obama administration has provided less than a quarter of public requests for government files in the last year of operation and spent $36.2 million to keep their documents secret.

Striving to be “the most
transparent administration in history” at the beginning of the first term
the presidency of Barack Obama, the US President established a registry for refusal of extradition
suspension or suppression of requests for the state registration in accordance with
The law on freedom of information (FOIA), as reported by media on Tuesday, saying
on analysis of data provided by the U.S. government.

The Ministry of justice
spent $12 million on legal fees in the fight to save their documents
away from the eyes of the public, the Ministry of national security spent
$6.3 million, and the Department of defense – $4.8 million These three agencies have received more than
half of all FOIA requests in 2016 .

The Obama administration beat its
own records. It is often reported by U.S. citizens and journalists
who made inquiries about certain documents that find pages
requested files impossible.

The previous administration
also became a well-known failure in access to documents, refusing quickly
to process requests, which allegedly require special lighting.

In 77% of cases people who
requested documents in 2016, received a partially or fully
edited files.

We will remind, the administration of trump’s firing of all the prosecutors in the United States since the Obama. However, leaving office, Obama warned his successor about what deadly danger awaits America.

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