Cosmetologists are told how to care for skin after 30


Photo: from open sources

With age the skin needs more care.

30 is also the age when it’s time to take up the matter seriously to delay the appearance of visible age-related changes, reports the with reference to Home.

If you think that after 30 our skin needs something special and intense… you’re right! Yes, it is time to begin to care for the face in an adult. However, it’s not as scary as it seems. You need to follow only 7 basic rules.

1. Wash your face twice a day. Sometime s we don’t do that at night, if you don’t want to wash off cosmetics. This is a mistake! Use for washing some delicate gentle means.

2. Do twice a week exfoliation. Or use the scrub. Or exfoliating mask. With age, the skin is updated not with the speed 20, and she needs help. There will be less wrinkles and better color.

3. Use the cream under the eyes. Yes, it’s time. Something intense you don’t need, but a good moisturizer is what you need! Do not RUB it – apply all over face.

4. Protect yourself from the sun. With age, more ultraviolet light damage the skin, so a cream with UV filter is required. The town has a high SPF index is not needed, rather 15-20.

5. Watch out for sleep mode. A bad (or insufficient) sleep – wrinkles provided. Don’t sacrifice a full night’s rest, even for a beloved hobby.

6. Enter in the diet and in skin care more vitamins E and C – powerful antioxidants. They are contained in spinach, berries, vegetable oils.