On the eve of the first phase scheduled for March 18 talks between Russia and Japan in joint management of the disputed ridge of the Kuril Islands, the Russian foreign Ministry said that the Russian side is ready to consider proposals that will come from Tokyo, and to make their initiatives in the implementation of joint activities on the Islands.

In the document published by the foreign Ministry on the eve of talks at the level of ministries of foreign Affairs, said that Russia is ready to make his package of proposals for the management of General economic activity and management on the two disputed Islands and parallel are ready to study the proposals of Japan, which would arise during the negotiation process, according to “Russian conversation” .

The Russian foreign Ministry said that coming from the Russian side the proposals will cover a wide range of areas, including economic and social development of the Islands.

“Of course, we believe that such projects can be implemented only on condition of not contradicting the Russian legislation. Be ready to learn and appropriate Japanese sentences”, – the document says.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, the agreement on the implementation plans for joint management of the Southern Kuril Islands was reached during the talks of President Vladimir Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in December 2016.

In February, Japanese media reported about the presence in Tokyo of specific plans to implement their projects on the Islands, while only concerning the economic sphere.