Photo: Embassy of Russia in Korea / Facebook pol itical Map of world Atlas, published in North Korea

The DPRK allegedly “respect the referendum results”.

North Korea believes the legitimacy of the Crimea to Russia. This information is made public, the Russian Embassy in Pyongyang.

According to Russian diplomats, the DPRK issued a new political Atlas of the world in which Crimea painted in the same color as Russia. In support, they published photographs.

Employees of the Russian Embassy claim that asked for comment at the North Korean foreign Ministry and received a reply that “the Republic respects the results of the referendum held in Crimea on joining the Peninsula to the Russian Federation, considers the results legitimate and those that fully comply with international legal norms.”

As reported Корреспондент.netItalian TV World Fashion Channel Europa S. R. L. posted on its website a map of Russia, where the occupied Crimea assigned to the Russian Federation. The national Council of Ukraine concerning television and broadcasting demanded to repair the damage.

Earlier, famous Italian sportpaket La Gazzetta dello Sport has apologized for the “Russian” Crimea.

American channel showed a map of Ukraine without Crimea