Russia shall convene a meeting of the UN security Council on the Ukrainian language law, said the speaker of the permanent mission of Ukraine to the United Nations Oleg Nikolenko.

“Soon we are waiting for the second act of the theater of the absurd in the UN Security Council. The delegation of the Russian Federation repeatedly addressed to discuss the Ukrainian language law in the UN security Council. Today, when agreeing on a work programme for the current month this meeting is tentatively scheduled for 16 July,” he wrote.

Nikolenko reminded that on may 20 the Russian side is trying to convene a meeting on the day of inauguration of the President of Ukraine. “This time the formal reason was the entry of the law into force. Although, everyone understands that Moscow is interested not so much the law of language as any opportunity to destabilize the situation in Ukraine”, – said the diplomat.

“The Ukrainian delegation to the UN have repeatedly stated that the language law was an internal matter of our country. The Security Council, it has no relations”, – stated in the message.

“For its part, Ukraine together with its partners, uses the meeting to break the pressing problematic issues of Russian-Ukrainian conflict, primarily the release of Ukrainian sailors and political prisoners, the continuing attacks on the Donbass, which continues to kill people, and Russia’s responsibility for the crash of the plane MH17 “, – he added.