The Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo in an interview with the “Washington free beacon” said that the United States continues to face the threat posed by Russia.

“We continue to face posed by the Russians threatened, whether any active measures, propaganda, or attempts to shape public opinion through a variety of ways, some known, and some of which is hidden”, – said M. Pompeo.

According to him, the Russian threat is a “challenge for the United States for decades”.

“The threat is constant. And we must fight back, to defeat, to work to ensure that it was painful for them, and that they reduced the magnitude of what they are doing,” added the Director of the CIA.

Speaking about cybersecurity, he called Russia’s actions “aggressive,” but noted that the same behavior exhibited by China, Iran and North Korea. He also added that this is typical not only of cyberspace, but also in other areas.

Meanwhile, M . Pompeo stressed that advocates the exchange of information on combating terrorism.

“I think that if we can find a way of sharing with them (Russia – Interfax), information relating to combating terrorism, we’ll have to do it. At the same time, we must convey to them that it is unacceptable to continue their action against the United States that we have been watching, and on which we will respond”, he said.