The President Of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid

The Baltic States do not consider Russia as a threat, as are members of NATO.

Estonia, like other Baltic countries, does not regard Russia as a threat. About this on air of the Russian TV channel Rain said the President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid.

“No,” she said, answering the question of whether Russia is a threat to Estonia.

Kaljulaid noted that deterrence of NATO throughout the history of the Alliance was 100% effective.

“Of course, in order to respond adequately to NATO needs to continuously develop the strategy of containment, and we see that NATO is engaged in it constantly… Thanks to NATO and due to the fact that the Baltic countries are members of NATO, our countries do not feel any physical threat,” said the President of Estonia.

Estonia has begun is command-staff doctrines of the NATO

Earlier, Estonia has expelled two Russian diplomats. The reasons for this decision in the Estonian foreign Ministry did not name . In response, the Russian foreign Ministry has declared persona non grata the Consul General of Estonia and head of the Pskov office of the Estonian Consulate General in St. Petersburg.