The consequences of air strikes

In response to in Syria shot down a su-25, Russia launched a series of airstrikes on rebel-held towns in Idlib province. Among the various objects that had been attacked a hospital in Maaret al-Noumani.

Russian military aircraft have increased the number of air raids on rebel-held towns in Syria’s Idlib province after it was shot down Russian su-25. About it reports Reuters.

As noted, the air strikes were inflicted on villages and towns, including Kafr Nubl and Macran and Sarakeb, Maaret al-Nuuman and Idlib.

According to eyewitnesses, was attacked, in particular, hospital in Maaret al-Noumani.

The videos provided by the rescuers, is seen as out of the destroyed building of the hospital on a stretcher and roll children.

Another five people, is supposed to have killed in the air strike on a residential building in Kafr Nuble .

In the provincial capital, the city of Idlib, as eyewitnesses told, was destroyed at least one five-story building, and could have been dead about 15 people.

We will remind, in Syria shot down a Russian su-25 missile “earth-air”. The pilot managed to eject, however, said the Ministry of defence, was later killed in battle with terrorists.


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