Almost a year Michael Zakonov held in jail.

Dzerzhinsky district court of St. Petersburg was released from jail Michael Zakonova, arrested after the rally “we are not a king” in may 2018. This was announced on Twitter by the photographer Georgi Markov.

Zakonova changed the measure on his own recognizance. The defense asked to change the measure of restraint, the Prosecutor’s request was supported.

Lawyers Zakonova were asked to classify him a story with the use of violence dangerous for the life of a police officer, the use of violence not dangerous to life. The court will consider this motion on may 16.

On Zakonova opened a criminal case under article 318 of the criminal code a few days after the campaign “He’s not our king,” may 5, 2018. Michael told the lawyer OVD-info Herman Paranichevathat the day was walking down the street and saw a yellow inflatable duck at the janitors, this bird gave them police officers. Zakonov asked the janitors to take her home, they allowed. And then bumped into him four riot police.

Zakonova knocked and began to kick, punch in the stomach. Lawyer Paranichev told that the body of the detainee tracks, as if it dragged on the asphalt.

It is Zakonov found out about broken tooth from one of the employees. He noted that the detention had not seen any blood, damage, and have not heard that someone was talking about injuries. He also said that on may 6 his friends called for questioning in the attack on a police officer and his girlfriend, Anastasia, was taken by ambulance from another Department.

May 5 in Russia was organized by the oppositionist Alexei Navalny, a protest of “He’s not the king”, dedicated to the inauguration of Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to “OVD-info” in 26 cities of Russia was detained by 1612 people.