The Kremlin recognized the new coalition in Parliament and the government of Maia Sandu.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia has published an official statement in which it recognized the new coalition of Pro-Russian socialists and Pro-European block ACUM, and a new government headed by Maia Sandu.

Reports about it “European truth”.

“Moscow welcomes the formation in the Republic of Moldova of the ruling coalition and the government”, – is spoken in published on Monday the statement by the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs.

A new government in Moldova, the Russian foreign Ministry called “democratically elected” and hope to cooperate with “the restoration of mutually beneficial Russian-Moldovan relations.”

It is also noted that “the only possible way of settling domestic political crisis in Moldova” in Russia believe the dialogue between all responsible political forces.

We will remind, on Saturday in Moldova actually formed a diarchy with the two governments and the parliamentary majority, the legitimacy of the previous government does not recognize.

A parliamentary majority consisting of the Pro-Russian socialist party and Pro-European block ACUM elected leadership of the Parliament and appointed a government headed by Pro-European Prime Minister, Maia Sandu.

The previous government said all of Saturday’s decisions of the Parliament illegitimate. Both sides accuse each other of usurping power.

The European Union at the level of the European Commission and the high representative for foreign Affairs officially informed that considers as legitimate the election of a new government.