Russian special forces in Palmyra

In the video the Russian forces are mortar fire and destroy the “Jihad-mobiles”.

The special purpose center of the FSB of Russia has published a video to show the work of Russian special forces during the liberation of Palmyra from the militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic state”.

In the video, opublikowano FSB in Facebook, shows how Russian special forces conducts mortar fire, conducts the coordination of artillery and aviation.

In the published record, was demonstrated the work of the Russian snipers and the destruction of armored vehicles of militants, the so-called “Jihad-mobiles”, anti-tank missile system.

The video is accompanied by commentary that explains the purpose of military.

We will remind, the Syrian army took Palmyra on March 2. The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation stated that the city took with the support of Russian aviation.

Then, the media showed an ancient city with a drone . Also appeared in the press photos released by ISIS Palmyra.

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