Machine-gun connection TSB started to get new weapons.

In particular, the connection already has a “Grad” and anti-aircraft missile complex “Strela-10”. About it reports a press-service of the Eastern military district, reports “Russian conversation”.

The connection is also equipped with ACS “Shilka”, howitzer D-30 caliber which is 122 mm, 100-mm field gun BS-3, 82-mm mortar “Tray” and 152-mm cannon “Hyacinth-B”.

The press service said that weapons had also started to come in drones of various modifications.

Connection, which is stationed in the Kuril Islands, currently a fully manned with contract servicemen. Exercises they work non-standard tactics.

Earlier, the head of the defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu explained the presence of Russian missiles on the Kuril Islands by the need to protect the territory of the Russian Federation .

As reported “Russian Dialogue”, Moscow and Tokyo discussed the future of the disputed Kuril ridge Islands, exchanging their views on this issue.