The United States has long urged
not to annoy Russia, because the number of nuclear warheads 6185 vs 6490 in favor of Moscow.
But when it comes to non-strategic nuclear weapons, the conversation is changing
in the root. So, according to Джонатанf Коэнf, who is the acting Ambassador to the United States
at the UN, in this sense Russia is superior to the opponent thousands of times. To
example, American claims that his “peaceful” country has
only one bomb B-61, a member of the cohort of non-strategic nuclear
weapons, while Russia has 2,000 missiles, reports “Russian conversation”
with reference to the American media.

Main in UN White
the house could not fail to remember about the rocket “9М729” that won’t work with the provisions already
not applicable (at fault
USA) THE INF TREATY. We will remind, earlier it was mentioned that NATO gave Russia
tantrum, begging to destroy the missile, to save
the world is just not to lead trump to the heart attack. But Cohen says
not only that, afraid, they say, Russia has a “sleeve” in store
many nonstrategic nuclear weapons on earth, sky and sea.

“The US has
only one non-strategic weapons,” again said the American.

In the White house
contradicting yourself, you first pumped up the military power in the two countries near
Russia. But if it is done from fear of nuclear weapons, Moscow is
why Washington will not sign a new Treaty on “nuclear world”
which they were offered.