A meeting of the UN Security Council

This step of the Russian Federation came as a surprise to many diplomats.

The attempt of the UN Security Council to adopt a statement condemning the recent missile tests of North Korea and a serious warning to the leadership of the country from further missile launches, failed due to Russia’s veto.

The Russian representative in the UN security Council voted against the proposed text of the statement. According to diplomats, Moscow has insisted on included in the text the words which would have stressed the need to resolve the conflict with the DPRK through dialogue.

The proposed U.S. version of the text of the statement was talking only about the “extraordinary concern” members of the UN security Council because of the behavior of Pyongyang that “very destabilized” the situation in the region .

Moreover, Russia rejected the text also contained a warning that the international community will resort to the “subsequent serious measures” on North Korea. Also, the US proposal called on the leadership of North Korea not conduct any more nuclear weapons tests.

Many diplomats said on condition of anonymity that such step of the Russian Federation came as a complete surprise, after all, a longtime ally of the DPRK – China – planned to support this statement.

As reported Корреспондент.net16 April North Korea tried to spend on 16 April another test rocket, but its launch was unsuccessful.

Earlier it was reported that Washington may strike a pre-emptive strike on the DPRK to prevent nuclear testing. North Korea has in response threatened to attack a us military base and a presidential residence in Seoul.

Source: the Ukrainian service of Deutsche Welle