El Murid

And this is an objective fact.

To deal with the OPEC countries participating in the fit with the two starting positions. A number of countries have followed the example of Saudi Arabia sharply increased its production volumes. Even Nigeria had over two weeks to raise production by 500 thousand barrels, although previously announced to go out at all 0.7 million of the “top”. Increased oil production in Iraq, Kuwait, the UAE, albeit only slightly. More than just raised the bar Saudi Arabia. Russia has not managed to integrate into this trend, as its ability to raise production is almost exhausted.

In the Russian mass media tomorrow’s meeting predict the failure because of the position of Saudi Arabia, which assumes a decrease of 3 million barrels, at Russia, Iraq and Kuwait to reduce production by 1.5 million, but the reference should be from current volumes. In this case, Russia loses more than others, as the rest are only slightly lower production compared with the amounts under the previous deal. The approach of Saudi Arabia support all who managed to increase production. Technologically backward countries and rogue States like Venezuela, Iran and trapped in their Russia do not agree with this approach. Actually formed two groups of countries with the issues of the transaction irreconcilable positions.

Alone remain of the USA. They do not intend to make commitments, but the reduction of production is a spur of the moment. The market economy works, with the balance of supply and demand, so the American oil companies don’t need to prove anything to anyone and lighten up – it is the prerogative of the wild Bantustans and other “energy superpower”.

In this story the interest is not even the conflict itself, and the fact that Russia was on a par with Third world countries and leads to fierce debates, not the players included in the category of developed a completely different standing in the world hierarchy is much lower. This is today’s place of present-day Russia. Serious players find out the relationship with each other, and the rest among themselves. The current site of the Kremlin – near buckets of leftovers. And this is an objective fact.

El Murid, “Glavred”